Rasta the Chocolate Lab was a late addition to theMangoTimes family. Adopted as a 6 year old dog after her previous family moved and could not take her with them to their new home. She transitioned seamlessly into our family and even underwent a simple name change without skipping a beat.

Rasta is an AKC purebred chocolate lab.  She's a few years older than Betty the SurfDog, so she has worked through the boundless energy that Labs are known for having. Rather than the need to be constantly playing, Rasta is quick to find a piece of floor to occupy and sleep. In that way, she reminds us of the original dog/mascot of theMangoTimes, Salsa the Golden Retriever

In her previous home, Rasta had a lot of positive interaction with her family and has tons of patience with kids, so we are training her alongside Betty to be a companion to MightyJoe . He's the luckiest boy in the world to have two friends like Betty and Rasta.

Why the name Rasta? She is as mellow as an afternoon of reggae music and just spending time with her reminds anyone that "every little thing is gonna be alright." If you ever need a dog to join you for an afternoon nap or leisurely stroll, drop on by and spend some time with Rasta. In the meantime, you can enjoy her on social media as she helps us spread positive vibes and a life of adventure.

If you would like to follow Rasta on social media you can find her at the following locations:

Facebook - RastaTheLab
Twitter - @rastathelab
Instagram - @rastathelab