Every website should have a mascot, right? Here at theMangoTimes we have Betty The SurfDog. Currently, she is the mascot and spokes-dog for living the life of adventure we like to promote on theMangoTimes. Betty was born in 2014 and is full of love and energy. For those readers who have been around since the beginning,  you will know that Betty lives in the shadow of the original dog/mascot of theMangoTimes, Salsa the Golden Retriever. We have fond memories of Salsa and many of you will agree that she deserved her well earned title as BEST DOG ON EARTH.

Betty is one of the beautiful yellow labs from Langley Labs. Serving as a guardian dog, Betty was responsible to provide two litters back to her breeder and this beautiful girl came through in style. In fact, the puppies from the first of her two litters (4 girls and 1 boy) went on to become a little famous... 

Who knew that the official mascot of theMangoTimes would have puppies that helped sell a little known brand of beer during the 2015 Superbowl?

As you can see, through the magic of video editing, all of Betty's puppies were used as "the pup" in the commercial. Since then, this litter of pups were all placed with great families throughout California. We often get to see her one pup that remained local and funny enough his nickname is "BUDster." 

Mighty joe and betty

Mighty joe and betty

Betty is a great companion to MightyJoe (Kendra says they both have ADHD). We love watching Joe interact with her and love that she helps him get out some energy.

Like most labs, Betty is also extremely social and needs personal interaction to help prevent her from going insane! (She sounds a lot like her owner, huh?).  So if you ever feel the need to throw a frisbee, drop on by and let her show you how it's done. In the meantime, this very social pup has entered the digital age and she uses social media to help promote a life of adventure and to remind everyone that life is good!

If you would like to follow Betty on social media you can find her at the following locations:

Facebook - bettythesurfdog
Twitter - @bettythesurfdog
Instagram - @bettythesurfdog


Here are some of our favorite pictures of Betty doing what she does and a quick video of her enjoying the water!