004 The 100 Day Challenge

Skyping with James

Skyping with James

On this episode of theMangoTimes podcast, I sit down and have a conversation with my good friend James Estes.

Jamesy and I met during our freshman year of high school, which puts our relationship clock at just over 30 years. Back in high school, we were Young Lifers, we co-wrote a movie review column for our school's newspaper, and we began our life-long love for good coffee

During the podcast, we briefly talk about Hawaii, creativity and dropping our kids off at college. We also talk about our 100-day challenge goal that begins today.

What about you? Have you ever wanted to take a 100-day challenge? Join us! Start today and let us know what you are going to do in the comments below!

Want to follow our challenge? You can join us over on Twitter. Use can follow the general hashtag #100daychallenge (others are doing their own 100 Day Challenge) or link directly to James (@ventidrip) or Fletch (@themangotimes)

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