MightyJoe Turns Six

It's Cinco De Mayo and you know what that means? It's time for chips, salsa, margaritas and another birthday for our favorite little superhero. That's right MightyJoe hit the big six this year.

It was so much easier to just hold up five fingers (and if you look closely, you will see his name tag is upside down, so he can see his name...oh Joe!).

Join us in celebrating God's goodness and faithfulness!

Quietly making noise,

Mighty Joe Drives

People often ask me how Mighty Joe is doing. If you have been around theMangoTimes for any amount of time, you will know that this kid has a history. Link back to read and discover the glory of God in Joe's life here. Overall the kid is a miracle. Hello? He wasn't supposed to be able to walk or see. Now he stars in his own movies and has his own Facebook page. I see God's handiwork everyday I am with Joe. Moving on...

Last month I received a text message from home telling me that Mighty Joe had taken up driving. Apparently, he hopped in PopPop's golf cart and decided to take it for a spin. 

Here are a few interesting facts:

1. Mighty Joe does not know how to drive or steer.
2. Mighty Joe has never been given golf cart driving lessons.
3. Mighty Joe is not allowed to drive the golf cart.
4. I guess you would say that Mighty Joe can't actually drive. At all.

Mighty Joe has mastered the concept of acceleration.

He has also mastered stopping. (The house helped).

Upon hearing the thud, Grammy Cookie ran outside and found the aftermath of MightyJoe's first driving attempt. Note: MightyJoe was nowhere to be found. He may have his challenges, but he knows when a spanking is coming and he knows how to disappear quickly.

Quietly making noise,