Valentines Day 2006 - or "Why am I so lucky?"

My wife and I decided to not exchange Valentines greetings this year.  We felt it very silly to participate in such a "Hallmarkian" event.  Last night, however, she announced that she bought me a card, so in the absence of a card...I've decided to blog...and tell my corner of cyberspace that I'm still head over heels in love with this wonderful woman.

Two weeks ago we celebrated seventeen years of dating.  It hasn't gotten old.  Even though I now have to wade through the arms and legs of six kids, she is the first one I look for when I walk through our front door every night. It is her smile that catches my eye from across the room, and it's her voice that I hear when we are in a crowd of people - she remains the wife of my youth and she has my heart.

After seventeen years, it is as fresh as it was when I would whistle to catch her attention through the windows of her dorm.  It doesn't matter if she locks her fingers in mine as we walk down the street or slowly traces the letters that say "I love you" on my back...she still makes me feel like a college kid in love for the first time.

And it remains to be her selfless love for our family and her sacrifice for helping me to live out my vision that amazes me day after day.  Without her, without her love and without her commitment to be my helper - I would be so much less (and my grammar would really suck too!).

Happy Valentines Day Kendra- Bring on the ScharffenBerger!

Quietly making noise,