Ridiculous Candy #5 - Pop Rocks

This one could go under any number of categories: "Ridiculous Candy" or "Parental Myths" or even "the 1970's."  PopRocks had their genesis in the 1970's and they immediately jumped to the parental myth status as parents across America warned you about "the kid from iowa" that ate PopRocks with soda and...(all together now:)..."it made his stomach explode."

You can see how this myth so quickly became popular.  Seriously, this candy is essentially just tiny exploding acid pebbles.  I can remember pouring it on my tongue and then walking around letting them "pop out" of my mouth.  So the soda/exploding stomach story was pretty believable by a kid in the 70's.  You couldn't pull that kind of lie off today though...sheesh...my kids would be all over that lie like flys on stink!

I hesitate calling this ridiculous candy (because I like it so much), but it does have one qualifying factor: it sounds like a candy you would find in Willy Wonka's factory.  And it is in fact, absolutely ridiculous...exploding?  In what other situation does making the product "explode" help you to sell or enjoy that product?  "Exploding underwear?"  Ouch!  "Exploding eggs?"  Imagine the mess.  "Exploding bananas?"  Well...  This is nearly what happens when my two year old eats one...

As I add this entry to theMangoTimes it makes me want to rip open a package of cherry PopRocks and swig it down with an ice cold Coke...

Quietly making noise,