Ridiculous Candy #4 - Pixie Stix

Jumbo Pixie Stix - It's as big as a 6 year old!

Jumbo Pixie Stix - It's as big as a 6 year old!

Do we even need to discuss this one?  Striped paper tubes filled with sugar and pinched off at the ends...hmmm?  Now here is the ridiculous part: parents buy this stuff!  Can you believe it?  I tell you it's a lot cheaper to just give the kids a spoon and the sugar bowl and let them go to town.  Realize I grew up in the 70's (

the best decade in history

if you ask me: Hello? Sid/Marty Krofft, Willy Wonka, etc...) and we used to take multiple pixie sticks and mix them together into a pile and then lick 'em right off the plate.

If this isn't dumb enough, the wizards in the candy kitchen then made a "Jumbo Pixie Stick."  What made this version different was the packaging and the size.  You see, these candy tubes were about two feet long and they were also made out of industrial strength space-age plastic.  Think about it...you have kids yanking their teeth on these plastic pipes to get them open (the teeth that were not extracted during the process of gnawing through the tube were then rotted to the gum by the concentrated levels of pure cane sugar!).

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