New Category - Letters to the Editor

In days of old, I had a section in theMT where I responded to letters/replies to the editor.  So, after my mass emailing announcement of theMangoTimes having moved, I received this email from an old college friend:

  "OK...can I just say that  first of all it is amazing to me that you do a newsletter of any kind whatsoever given your very busy life.  Honestly, I've decided that you must not sleep at all...or maybe only when you are DEAD tired.  Anyway...glad to get the update."
Editor's Note: You caught me and you are correct...I don't sleep (unless you count sitting at red lights with my eyes closed or the occasional nap after dinner when the girlies rub my feet)...Currently I'm running on less then 6hours/day...which leaves only 18 hours for work, family, church and dancing with the babe.

"Hey while spooling through  channels last night...there was this crazy family that believed toothpaste is "toxic" to our bodies and they brush with a mixture of butter and clay.  I wouldn't  really think of asking my dentist this question...even though I consider her a  pretty cool gal...but I thought you might have a thought?"

Editor's Note: There is so much to comment on here...especially the idea that butter and clay is better for you then "toxic toothpaste."  It cannot be any worse than the mulitiple toothpaste flavors being created daily by the Wizards at Crest.  Second, note how this friend of mine wouldn't think of asking her "real dentist" about the wacko adobe butter using patients, but seems to have no problem throwing the questions past me.  Do i look like a beacon for truth concerning the bizzaro?  (I will withdraw that question...).

Quitely making noise,