My Dad - "The Power of Certs"


Here is a picture of my dad with my youngest daughter.  I love my dad.  Actually, a lot of people love my dad.  According to my kids, he can do anything (even discipline me - and they love that!).  He's a man's man - rides harleys, works out in his barn, fixes everything, rises early, works late, and finishes every day enjoying a nice glass of wine.  Really, my dad is an all around great guy.

When I comment on my upbringing it may sound like I am bad-mouthing my parents.  It may even sound like I'm being less then honorable.  But, growing up in our home, it was routine to exaggerate your shortcomings and then blame them on your genetic heritage.  The truth?  I love my parents - they know I love them.

So, that being said, let me tell you about my dad.  He is the consummate salesman.  If he could not walk into an igloo and sell a bag of ice to an eskimo, then he has lost his edge.  To this day, he continues to amaze me with his ability to turn the most desperate situation into a party.  Even when life dumps horse manure on him, my dad is the one looking around the muck for the pony.  He's got a great outlook on life.

At times, this can also be irritating.  Like my dad's belief in "The power of Certs."  That's right, Certs.  The minty breath candy.  To this day, my dad always has a roll of Certs on him.  I'm not knocking his desire to have fresh breath...he always has the essence of wintergreen as he speaks.  It's just his way of thinking they can comfort or aid you when you are in medical need.

Like the time I drove my bicycle into a storm drain.  The bike flipped and I impailed myself on the gear shifts.  As he was driving me to the emergency room with blood dripping down my leg, he hands back a roll and said "Have a Certs, it'll make you feel better..."  I'm pretty certain that every time he has arrived to meet a new grandchild, he's offered the recovering mother a Certs too.

And don't try to argue or reject his gift...remember he's a salesman.  "Take the Certs," he'll say, "they'll make you feel better...they have Retsyn in them..."  His house could be burning down and my dad would be claiming the benefits of Retsyn.

That's the irritating part.  Here you are in the middle of a medical procedure or catastrophe and you have the candy man offering you a fresh breath mint.  Certs are his practical application of his positive attitude extended to other people.

Here's the funny this day...I can't eat a Certs without feeling a little better and thinking of my dad.

Quietly making noise,