Ridiculous Candy #1 - The Candy Necklace

Back in the days when theMangoTimes was a monthly family newsletter, I used to comment on topics such as "Ridiculous Candy" and "Parental Myths."  So, I thought I would recycle some of my previous comments.

The Candy Necklace To begin with, the candy was just plain bad.  It tasted like bad children's vitamins.  The biggest bummer with this candy is that it's cool to wear candy as jewelry, but as a kid you just don't have the patience to wear candy.  Almost immediately, you begin nibbling off the candy "jewels" which immediately began the condition called "sticky neck."  On a parent level this candy sucked because with any level of moisture (from saliva or neck sweat...mmmm!) the candy began to dye the collar of the shirt being worn with really bright primary colors.  All that aside, you were then faced with the major letdown that when you were done enjoying this candy, all you really had left was a piece of elastic string (and who really wants to wear elastic string?).

Quietly making noise,