Good News vs. Good Advice

"All other religions give advice, and they drive everything you’re doing on fear."
Tim Keller

The Resurgence recently had a great post called "Good News vs. Good Advice." The blog post is an excerpt from a complete talk by Tim Keller called "Gospel Centered Ministry" given at a Gospel Coalition event.

I am reposting and linking because the Resurgence blog post is good. I am reposting and linking because Keller's original talk is good. In truth, I'm reposting and linking because I needed to hear it again. That's the funny thing about "gospel amnesia," I'm never really cured of that pesky illness.

This post and Keller's original words at the GC event caused a bunch of thoughts to begin swirling around my brain. I know it is a common theme around here, but a good one to keep in front of us regularly. I've started my own list below. Feel free to join me.

Good advice is offering up fancy theology.
Good news is telling others the simple story about Jesus.

Good advice will teach security in traditions, vestments and liturgy.
Good news will teach security in Christ alone.

Good advice takes people to a perfect church.
Good news takes people to an empty cross.

Good advice leads others to memorize a catechism or confession.
Good news leads people to memorize three words: "It is finished"

Good advice says "this is how we do it right."
Good news says "This is what Jesus did. It's done!"

Good advice nails a list of "do's and don'ts" to the wall.
Good news points people to three bloody nails.   

Good advice talks about dressing your best for church.
Good news talks about being dressed in the garments of Jesus.

Good advice gives a pair of gold-plated/diamond-studded handcuffs.
Good news gives a pardon.

Good advice says, Jesus plus something.
Good news says, Jesus plus nothing.

That will get the ball rolling, feel free to leave your own in the comments below. 

Quietly making noise,