A New Theme

The Famous Peeing Boy of my Childhood

I mentioned in my previous post about SkyMall junk, that I was raised with one of the catalog offerings: The Peeing Boy of Brussels. I also mentioned that I was going to start a new theme here at theMangoTimes.

Since we share property with my parents, there is a treasure chest of inventions, ideas and creations that my dad has displayed. Some are small, like a sign. Some, like this statue, are "pieces of art" that have travelled with him for the past 40 years.

So, I've created a theme called: "PopPop's Stuff" which will cover the whole display.

Believe me. The well will not run dry with this theme. You don't collect/display things for 82 years of your life without having a few beauties around the palace.

Quietly making noise,