Religion and Affections

From Convergence, Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist by Sam Storms

"There is a lot of "religion" in the world, rituals, rites, gestures, beliefs, acts of moral virtue, charity, as well as organizations and institutions and traditions designed to perpetuate and promote it, ostensibly to the glory of God. But without holy affections, all such activities and the effort to advertise them are nothing but wind.
Those who would insist on the intellect of man or the doctrinal accuracy of his thoughts as the pinnacle of religous expression need to consider that no idea or attitude or theory or doctrine is of value that does not inflame the heart and sir the affections in love and joy and fear of God.
Those who would argue that moral obedience is the essence of religion fail to see that such behavior is only good to the degree that it springs from and finds its source in the holy affections of the heart as they are described in Scripture."

Quietly making noise,