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I was recently interviewed by Mike Smith for five short snippets that begin airing this week on HSLDA's Homeschool Heartbeat. During the interview, I answered questions about homeschooling from my perspective as a dad.  

I really had a great time sharing how I have practically been involved homeschooling our eight kids. Like a lot of dads, I work outside of our home full time, which for me means leaving the house before anyone wakes up and not getting home until dinner is being placed on the table. Let's face it, I'm not there for any of the schooling.

I was able to share a few ways that I have been able to encourage my wife and practically help her with school. I also shared why I believe my main responsibility is to keep us focused on the gospel and how I try to encourage all of us not to shift our hope in Christ onto homeschooling, curriculum or the best educational philosophies.

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