Gospel Amnesia sucked!

I am reminded today of one of the many things God used to wake me up from my slumber. Some of his reminders were gentle. There were many I probably missed along the way. All the sermons, the books, the conversations that I was too busy to really listen to at the time. This wasn't one of those reminders. This one was hard, but it did the trick.

It wasn't an overnight awakening. It was really more of a gradual thaw. A little at a time, the gospel penetrated my hardened behavior-based faith. Slowly I remembered just what made the good-news good.  

Like Narnia, the long cold winter gradually came to an end. I'm still not thawed. I live in the crisp days of spring and I am enjoying the freshness of gospel-centered living, but I'm still finding areas deep in my soul that have not been penetrated by the gospel. Although less often, I still find ways to shift my hope off of God and onto myself. I still look for my security and acceptance in things other than Jesus, but thankfully it is less and less.

So, I am thankful for a day like today, when I can pause and think back on God's quiet reminders with a heavy heart, but with a thankful heart. (RIP E.D.)

Quietly making noise,