I Resolve...2012

I'm not working so much on measurable resolutions this year, mostly because I've been a huge failure every year at maintaining my New Year's resolutions much past the month of January.  

I have found that I'm not a very good rule keeper, but I do well when I focus on general changes in life. We can call them themes or like a good pirate, maybe I will just call them guidelines.

As I kick-off this year, one of the major themes for 2012 will be "Jesus + Nothing = Everything" which is based on a new book of the same title by Tullian Tchividjian (Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church). It has already started, but I know that "J+N=E" will work itself into my conversations, blog posts and social networking.

It is a catchy phrase and a simple articulation of the gospel, but it serves as a daily exercise in mathematics for me to see if I am trying to change the equation.  On his blog today, Tchividjian communicates the principle like this: "The gospel is not a command to hang onto Jesus. Rather, it’s a promise that no matter how weak and unsuccessful your faith and efforts may be, God is always holding on to you."

This year, it is my hope that I remember more and more what the "nothing" means in this equation.

Quietly making noise,