Identity Theft

I have been reading, "Because He Loves Me" by Elyse Fitzpatrick. If you have been hanging around theMT for the past few months, you know how excited we can get about the gospel. This author nails it!  The whole book is a great review on where we get our identity and our acceptance by God through Christ.
I plan on sharing other excerpts in the coming weeks, but loved this one. She was talking about identity theft and turned it around into a great illustration of the gospel:
"The surprising reality, however, is that Christians are, by definition, people who have someone else’s identity. They’re called “Christians” because they’ve taken the identity of someone else: Christ. Not only have you been given an identity that you weren’t born with or that you didn’t earn the right to use, but you’re invited to empty the checking account and use all the benefits this identity brings!
This is so much better than identity theft—it’s an identity gift!"
Quietly making noise,