Mighty Joe Update

"Mighty Joe"

Earlier this month, Mighty Joe turned three. It has been a while, so I thought it would be a good idea to provide a quick update on the life of our favorite superhero. 

Longtime readers of theMT will remember that Joe had a rough start. At seven weeks old, he was hospitalized for a bad exposure to an enterovirus. Those three weeks in the hospital put him into kidney failure and affected his heart, lungs and damaged portions of his brain. After surviving the first night, we were told that brain damage had occured and we should expect a life of seizures, potential blindness and a host of other issues. Three weeks later, Joe soared out of the ICU. Follow-up appointments with neurology, opthalmology and his GP have indicated that Joe will most likely have none of hte expected difficulties. We don't see seizures, he has fantastic vision and he behaves like most three year olds have in our home. 

Can you say full recovery? That is why Joe has earned superhero status in our home. 

In fact the only only only thing that has concerned us has been a slowness to speak clearly, so in the past few months he has begun some speech therapy. He learns new words and sounds everyday, but he's still struggling to form all of that into clear sounding words. The daily quote around the house is "...but it's not too bad for a kid with holes in his brain." We anticipate nothing less than clear speech with some minor help

Truly, we love our Mighty Joe! He is a joyful little guy and full of energy. He is all boy and loves to play at top speed.

Quietly making noise,