Troast in Review

On Monday, May 9th we hosted another great concert with Jon Troast. As mentioned, we changed venues and took Jon out of our living room and down to the church. He performed live (and amplified) at Redeemer Church in downtown Modesto. It was a great concert full of old favorites, new songs from his recent release and even brand new un-recorded music that he sampled for the audience.

As always, Jon took requests from the audience, provided the stories behind the songs and entertained us with his wit and humor of life on the road as a traveling musician. We counted about 75 (See Official Concert Pic Here) in attendance at the concert. I'd guess that about half of them were brand new to his music and the other half knew his music and sang along with him.

The afterparty involved a bunch of guests back at the house hanging out around a campfire on the back porch. Every visit is fun with Jon. Since he stays with us, we always have fun catching up with him and his life in Nashville. The littlest Fletcher's love having Jon around the house and I think Kenj just enjoys having an adult that she can talk with. It's always a bummer to see him leave and we look forward to his next tour through California!


As Jon took requests from the audience, someone asked him to sing "The Andy Song." It's a personal favorite for obvious reasons. One of the Mangokids caught it on video and made a quick movie. Enjoy!


Quietly making noise,