Another quick note to the young men at my table

Hey guys, it has been awhile since I last wrote a post in theMangoTimes to you about our discussions around the table. As you get older, we have less time around the table, so we need to use this virtual table here on theMangoTimes.

Earlier this spring I finished my second read through of the book Radical Reformission by Mark Driscoll. I loved it! This book is one of my top ten reads and I think it would be a wise choice for you guys to give it a good read. In the meantime, I want to share a portion with you. Both times I read this book, I found myself stuck in one section where it sounds like Driscoll is writing about discussions that have taken place in our house over the past year. In three short paragraphs, I think he nailed what we've been discussing. See if you agree. 

In this first section, Driscoll is speaking about something he calls "reformission" which involves being a missionary to your culture. I love this portion that I have highlighted above, because I think it speaks to behavior you have seen in me over the past few years. He does such a great job communicating the tension we've experienced in our family. I can't tell you how many times I have heard someone warn me that the exercise of my freedom can be a slippery slope into sin for either myself or someone around me. Here's the deal: Be wise, but don't let fear keep you from being Christ to a dying world. 

Slam dunk and so true! It will never be rules that prevent sin, but it seems we sure hear a lot of talk about how to live. Living in the conservative homeschool community we saw this exact thing. Most of the time, the hushed discussions were wrapped in concern and warnings. Encouragement to avoid certain movies or certain types of music or boy/girl relationships. It's the same old argument: "it's all about how you live and choices you make," but it just doesn't work. Think of how many kids we know who lived one way in front of their parents and a completely different life behind the scenes. Like Driscoll said, the potential for pride is enormous! Remember: it is our love for Jesus and His love for us that will enable us to engage folks within our culture without abusing our freedom and falling in love with the things of the world.

Enough said. Stick close to Jesus. Live free. Be reformissionaries. I love you guys!

Quietly making noise,