Happy Birthday and The Butt Call

This post is in honor of my best friend Eric's birthday.

I'm not going to say this happens every week, but at least two times each month I get a phone call from Eric. Actually, let me correct that. I get a call from Eric's butt. I can only assume this is because Eric keeps his cell phone in his pocket and I am at the top of his contact list (Andy).

You know when a friend calls and you read their name as the incoming call and you get realy excited? (See picture to the left and you will understand). That happens every time Eric calls me. I never ignore his calls, because I generally like to talk to the guy and learn more sage wisdom, great advice, and words of hope from my "older" friend.

Well, that is not exactly what I get from my bud.

Normally, when Eric calls me, I get to hear the jingling of change and keys. Interspersed with the jingle is the shuffle of his pants swishing as he walks and if I am very lucky I get to hear a muffled radio program in the background. These calls typically last for more than three or four minutes and if I miss them, I get a full voicemail that I can listen to time and again.

My favorite all time conversation took place when he called me one night about 10PM. It sounded like he was being held captive in a trunk. I started screaming that I was here to help him and then I heard a woman's voice answer me. It was his wife, Lisa. In case you are confused, they were not being held captive in a trunk. Once again, Eric "butt-called" me while he was standing on a ladder changing a light bulb. Lisa was at pocket heighth and could hear me through his pants (wow, that's an odd phrase huh?). Lisa and I continued to talk to one another with Eric on the ladder; me screaming and Lisa talking into Eric's pocket. There is the picture. You fill in the details.

In honor of his birthday, I wanted to "butt-call" him back. I tried several times, but he is way down on my contact list and my mother-in-law Adele (top of my contacts) did not find my repeated efforts humorous at all.

Happy Birthday EK! Love you bud!

Quietly making noise,