Where to find me...August 2010

The photos above are actually where you could have found me in July and I did just about everything I said in the July edition. We have had a ton of fun in Mangoland. Great music, great food, great friends and a surprise trip for Kendra's 40th birthday and our 19th wedding anniversary. Uncle Bucky visited from Florida. The Wolfe family visited from Chico. On our trip, we visited with our old friend, Robb Gordon and then in a last minute change of plans we were treated to a behind the scenes tour of Universal Studios with college friend Fred Renner. We wrapped up the month with homeschooling blog friends Nate/Deb Perkins for a whirlwind weekend of activity.

On to the month of August...

Jimmy Buffett EncoreI picked up a digital copy of Buffett's new live album called Encores, whose title is self-explanatory, containing acoustic arrangements from several recent concerts. This is a really fun album of Buffett's oldest stuff and some new recordings. If you are inclined to check this out, I recommend taking a good listen to his cover of John Prine's "A Big Old Goofy World."

IzWe are throwing a 40th birthday/luau for a friend, so I have downloaded a bunch of Hawaiian music. Steel guitar, the music of Iz, C and K, and any other island drum music I can find. If you know me (and even if you don't), I'll do anything to get Kenj into a grass skirt and coconuts for a little dancing (Grab your puka shells and join the fun, because "she's still...a Hula girl at heart!").

IzAs I type this we are still fully engaged in summer 2010 by swinging in the hammock chairs on the back porch. I just finished a great book about enjoying the things of summer and I just convinced Kendra that we need to have grilled fish, boiled shrimp and steamed corn for dinner. It has taken no convincing and she is busy looking up a recipe for pineapple peach salsa for the fish. Yup, life is pretty good here in the summer! pool
I recently clicked a tab on facebook that said, "I love being underwater." This is an understatement. Since I was a little boy wearing Aquaman underoos, the pool has been one of my favorite spots. We have enjoyed very mellow temperatures here in the central valley this summer, but on most days one or more mangokids can be found in or around the pool and I can be found launching off the top of the waterfall in one of my signature dives.

Religion Saves by Mark DriscollI have not listened to one full sermon of Mark Driscoll (mostly because they are long and I have the attention span of a teenager drinking Red Bull), but there is something about the guy that makes people think I'm a fan/follower. After getting my new iPad (see below), I was looking for electronic books to see if I would actually like using the device. I also thought I would finally take the time and read the pastor that people think I am so fond of following, so I picked up an electronic copy of Religion Saves. Now I see the connection. Love the topic. Love the book. Love Driscoll's style and his passion for the gospel. But, I'm not a man-follower and I still love Jesus a ton more! I'll download a sermon or two next and give a listen to see if the comparison is valid! :)

The Apple iPadI am an electronic gadget freak and a sucker for anything Apple creates, but this is still a great little device. You know what I notice? There are a lot of critics out there. I've already heard from family members and friends that think it was a ridiculous purchase. I can handle the truth and the truth is this: email, internet, the Bible, books, and whatever else I want for about .99 is sitting in my hand as I type this portion of theMangoTimes. Ridiculous? I think not! Anyhow, here's my 10 second review: It's not a laptop...it's not a big iPhone. If you don't like it, don't buy it. If you want to be on the front line of new technology and interacting with the world in a new way...get one...today. If not, go buy a PC and enjoy your experience with Windows. Meanwhile, I'll be cruising the App Store...send me your suggestions.

That's it for August! I hope to see you somewhere in Mangoland. Drop by or drop me a note! Remember to stay off the highways and the byways!

Quietly making noise,