Where to find me...July 2010


listen2.jpgI'll be enjoying the groovy tunes of Jack Johnson's latest album, To The Sea. After a free Starbucks download of "At Or With Me" I knew this album would be good. He continues to deliver some of the best music out there and his sound/lyrics have theMangoTimes written all over them. Throw this on the speakers, climb in the hammock, pull someone you love close, and call it a night. Favorite lyrics of late:"Are they laughing at or with me? People are just trying to fit in-But is there something telling you-You can’t trust anyone in this town-Ah baby those are such great shoes".

listen1.jpgI've spent a great deal of time enjoying the preaching of Pastor Britt Merrick from Reality Carpinteria church. I was introduced to him through a few videos I saw on facebook. He has been very transparent dealing with his daughter's recent diagnosis of stage 3 cancer. His sermons are some of the best I've heard and if you are a fan of gospel centered preaching, you will not go wrong with this podcast. His current series, Missio Christi, will speak life into any stagnancy you've allowed to develop in your faith. Ever wonder why a Christian's favorite meal is fellow Christians? Ever questioned how to speak truth without judging your brother or sister? As a teaser, I've included a snippet of his sermon, "Truth Telling without Judging" below. If you enjoy it, go download the whole sermon!

listen3.jpgJason Mraz is another great musician you will find playing through mangoland (or my office...or my car...or on my iPod). If you listen to any pop-radio station, you've heard his music, but I would recommend you dig a little deeper for some of his really good stuff. If you get there fast enough, you can still get a FREE DOWNLOAD from Levi's Pioneer Sessions of Jason singing "Spirit in the Sky" and if you want to see the behind the scenes video, here it is:

go1.jpgWe are going to Mt. Hermon's Summer Concert Series to take in some great tunes by Sara Groves. She is one of Kendra's favorites and we've been waiting a long time to find a way to catch her in concert...and this one is nearly in our backyard (well, maybe not our backyard, but close enough). I love going to Mt. Hermon. It's perfectly placed in the mountains above Santa Cruz and on a personal note, it's where God chose to reveal His grace to me (way back in 1982 when I attended Young Life Winter Camp).

go2.jpgThe backporch is a favorite locale for many visitors to mangoland. For me personally, just swinging in the hammock chairs with Kendra or curling up with some cute mangokids while the warm valley California air drifts through the back yard spells summer at our house. I actually notice that I rarely use the front door during the summer. Life just slows down and moves at a slower pace. So drop by, leave your worries in your car and join me on the back porch to swing and relax. Consider this your invitation...

go4.jpgAs part of our Summerzcool curriculum, we've made it our goal to get back to the beach as much as we possibly can to find out "what is and what is not cool." We continue to return to some of our favorite sandy spots on the coast. Santa Cruz at the harbor. Capitola, complete with the pastel cottages dotting the lagoon and Pizza My Heart. Want to join us for our summertime classes on sandy beaches and distant reaches? There is just something about watching your kids chase waves and seagulls that makes this life we've chosen that much better!

cook1.jpgYou will definitely find me standing in front of this new addition. If you know us, you know that life often revolves around our kitchen! Now that my parents have recently installed this outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, our kitchen party has moved outside. We have been busy perfecting doughs and creating our favorite pizzas. At 700+ degrees, we are spinning out pizzas every two minutes for the hungry masses.

  • Hayden and Nate will be heading to Mexico for a one week ministry/building project with Las Tres Palmas Ministries in Ensenada, Mexico.

  • Kendra will be speaking at the TCHEN homeschool conference in Santa Rosa, CA and the Valley Home Educators conference in Modesto, CA.

  • Nineteen years of marriage will be celebrated with a trip to Santa Barbara for some dental continuing education.

  • We look forward spending some time with the Wolfe family, the Gordon family, the "other" Dr. Fletcher family from Grass Valley, CA, Kendra's brother/family from Houston, TX, and Fletch's Uncle Buck coming from Florida.

  • Hope to see you this month!

    Quietly making noise,