Classic Repost: "Raising Boys"

I was doing some blog maintenance last month and found this post that I thought was hysterically funny. I thought I'd bring it forward for one more peek at the humor of being in a home with eight children.

From November 2006:

Tonight's post-dinner conversations...the fine art of cannibalism.
Mangoboy#1: "Dad, if we were cannibals...what part of the body would you eat first?"
Me: "I'd probably start with the hands, because they'd be easy to hold and you could eat them a finger at a time and dip them into ketchup"
Mangoboy#2: "It would probably taste like chicken...everything tastes like chicken."
Mangoboy#3: "Would we eat people like know...breasts, thighs, and would their arms/legs be like wings and legs?"
Me again (because I am getting "that look" from Kendra that seems to be asking me how old I am behaving):"Okay...that's enough of this wonderful discussion...let's focus on a better topic."
Mangoboy#3:"If I had to eat you dad, I'd eat your eyes...because they are very wise and have seen a lot of things."
Me again:"Thanks, that's good to know you have my preferred body parts chosen...but this topic is now officially over..."
Mangogirl#1:"If i was a "can of bull" I'd hate to eat dad...I'd rather eat McDonalds."
Me: Launching nose contents as I laugh at my lovely daughters phonetical learning style...

Quietly making noise,