Storyville Live - Music + Coffee = Freedom

A few months ago, I was approached by Storyville Coffee Company to host a live concert in my home. Since I have already hosted a few concerts before with our favorite in-home performer, Jon Troast, we seemed like a perfect match. This concert is a little different, because it is not just about great music, because the purpose is to spotlight a ministry called International Justice Mission.

Storyville Coffee has created an experience called Storyville Live.
From their website: "A Storyville Live concert is an opportunity for an evening of music, coffee, and community unlike any other. Our coming together also creates an opportunity to bring freedom to the millions of people around the world that are trapped in the atrocity of human trafficking. There are 27 million people today that are in slavery — not in slave-like conditions, in actual slavery. 27 million. We couldn’t believe it. We’re partnered with International Justice Mission, an organization that has created a blueprint to end slavery in our lifetime. The two main barriers are lack of awareness and lack of resources. Storyville Live provides both. By hosting or attending a concert, you're making a difference."

It is our mission to put slavery out of business for good.

Our specific concert is being hosted on Saturday, June 19th. We are excited to welcome the featured musician, Pierce Pettis. Your ticket includes the concert, dessert and coffee...what a deal! See the images for details and concert code! We would love you to join us!

Quietly making noise,