It's Really That Easy!

Based on very minimal research, the light switch seems to have been invented over 100 years ago. It is the easiest device that I can think to push it up if you want the lights "on" and you push it down if you want the lights "off." For the seriously lame, who do not recognize the change from darkness to light, they've made it super easy and preprinted these switches with the words "on" and "off." Really, if you struggle with directions on a light switch, there are probably bigger issues in your life, but that is not the purpose of this post!

Energy output? Well, I'm not sure what the caloric output is involved with a flick of a finger tip, but I'm sure it's pretty low (down on the list near blinking or swallowing). Actually, I don't think you even need to flick the switch, because I often just rub my hand down the wall until the light goes out. Either way, energy output is a non-issue!

Location? Also not an issue. It's not like we hide light switches in our house. No, we typically put them right on the wall at hand height, conveniently located near the door for you to flick on your way in and out...

Memory? My kids always remember to turn the lights on when they enter a dark room, so it can't be memory.

So, can someone tell me why I find well lit empty rooms throughout my house every single day? Spare me any comments about how I sound like my dad. For those of you that know my dad, he has used automatic motion-detector light switches for the past 25 years. I've commented in the past that he always looks like a wounded seagull walking around his house as he attempts to get the motion detector lights to "notice" him.

Quietly making noise,