Big Words from the Lone Star State

I mentioned in my last post that I spent a few days in San Antonio. One of my favorite stops was worshipping at Covenant of Grace church. Over the past few months, I've been getting to know the pastor of that church (mostly through the email, blogs and facebook, but also through some food-filled discussions!).

He's a perceptive guy and likes to call it like he sees it. This morning he had this to say on his blog (Equipping the Saints):

"Throughout Scripture we find that those weighed down by sin are shown overwhelming grace while the self-righteous and unremorseful sinful brethren are forcefully rebuked. Yet in our churches it is not uncommon to see sinners rejected (after all they might corrupt us and our children) and self-righteousness celebrated – is it possible that we’ve gotten things backwards?"
Pastor Dirk Russell

Love it Dirk! You could be a guest editor for theMangoTimes with straight-forward words like those, keep up the good work!

Quietly making noise,