She's Home!

Caroline Joy (minus her appendix!)

After 21 days in the hospital, we were very excited to hear the surgeon say we could go home a day earlier then expected! Thanks Dr. Tam for the great surprise!

Praise the Lord with us for His healing hand as He used surgeries, scans, doctors, nurses, drains, and bags upon bags of antibiotics to help restore our little girl!

How many people does it take to help care for a sick eight year old? A quick thank you to the following folks:
Doctors: Tam, Clark, Olson, Barry, Blankenship, Terzo, McGrew, Lenser, Morris, Im, Imanaka, Tran, Liu, Hung, Lin, Montes
ER Room: Gayle, Kit, Jessica, Jessica, Dan
ICU: Trina, Gemma, Thuy, Lorie, Kelly(daytime), Kelly(nighttime), Dama, Sherry, Hilary, Karen, Margaret
Peds: Bianca, Jessica, Amanda, Rossie, Surinder, Elizabeth
...and everyone else that I forgot to mention...I tried to write down all of your names!

Surrounded by her biggest fans!

Quietly making noise,