Thanks for voting! I cannot believe it, but I was voted the Best Homeschool Dad Blog for 2010. I was truly surprised by this year's results and I am thankful anyone even cares what I write.
I was unable to make it to the ceremony when the awards were presented, but here are a few random quotes I picked up from those that were in attendance:

The Award Committee: "Best Homeschool Dad Blog goes to...(pause)...What? Are you sure? This guy? Again?...(pause)...Yes, sorry...and this year's best homeschool dad blog goes to The Mango Times...(whispers)...shhh...I don't know how he won, we took his name out of the envelope on purpose."

President Barack Obama: "Mr. Fletcher or Fletch as he has asked me to call him is truly deserving of this award and he embodies the "can-do" American spirit that I have been talking about throughout my presidency. His commitment to blogging and "quietly making noise" sets him apart in the blogosphere. Personally, Michelle and I would like to thank him for his behind the scenes work on this year's Beer Summit and those crazy rides he gave us and the secret service in his VW bus."

Russ N. Peace, American Roadside Memorial Association: "Yes, we are here to protest this award, because of his ongoing remarks against road side memorials..."

Jimmy Buffett (video): "Congratulations from Key West, FL to the Mango Man for another fabulous showing at the Homeschool Blog Awards! Fins to the left! Your pal Jimmy!"

John Warren, Retired USAF: "Deserving? Hardly...Fletch doesn't even write this stuff...theMangoTimes has been ghost written by his son Christian for years..."

Cookie Fletcher, mother: "As I like to say, it's all in the way you raise your children...which reminds me of a story about this time in Baltimore when Andy was born..."

Joe Fletcher, father: "My son won an award! Attaboy Scott! Good job!"

Kendra Fletcher: "Oh brother, another year of him wearing that stupid shirt that says "Bow down to the Homeschool Dad Blog Champion" around the house!"

Like I said...just a sampling of things that were said at the awards banquet. Friends in Mangoland, thanks for voting. From the very first issue of theMangoTimes, I have always written for a select group of readers. For the rest of you who like my words, thanks for hanging around!

Quietly making noise,