Cup o' Joe

Aeropress Coffee MakerI don't think I have mentioned this yet, but the Aeropress Coffee maker is my favorite way to drink coffee lately. This is the perfect system for making "less than" a pot of coffee. It is super easy to use and equally easy to clean and there is no glass so you have less chance of breaking. You can count on this little press to make consistently good cups of coffee.

I was introduced to this cool little gadget by my dad. I used it a few times at his house and loved the flavor of the coffee it was making. So, I decided that I needed one of my own (and one at the office...and potentially one in the VW bus).

It is so simple. Pop in a filter. Add one scoop of coffee. Add hot water. Mix with the handy paddle they provide. Press a shot of hot coffee through the filter into your cup Add hot water to the strength you enjoy. Stir and enjoy a yummy full flavored cup of coffee.

Clean up is a breeze too!. Twist off the filter cap and plunge the grounds and filter into the trash. The plunger cleans and dries the system, so all you need is a fresh water rinse and you are good to go.

And, it was invented by the guy that made the Aerobie flying ring. Very cool indeed.

Quietly making noise,