Friday Plan

King Solomon said, "Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success." - Proverbs 15:22

We just hit the two-week mark in the hospital. Pesky little appendix!

The first drain procedure on Tuesday has been successful. Caroline has been more comfortable and her infection has been slowing. The only problem is that it is not slowing fast enough or completely. So, the surgeon has decided to go after the second large collection of fluid in her lower abdomen. This is the trickier of the two areas I mentioned.

After speaking with several "Interventional Radiologists" the conclusion was made that the least invasive approach was to go after it with a catheter drain. Risky? Yes. After weighing all the risks, this option contains the least amount of risks and the greatest chance for success. In reality, surgical risk is somewhat determined by the experience of the surgeon. The IR doctor performing today's procedure was confident that this is a routine procedure. Tuesday's IR doctor, based on experience, was much less confident in his ability.

Her drain procedure is scheduled for this afternoon and our prayer request is simple:
Pray for a safe, effective procedure
Pray for her as she goes under anesthesia for a fourth time in two weeks.
Pray for this to work

On a very happy note, we asked the doctor to give us wheelchair privledges, so we get to cruise around the hospital and even bring the brothers and sisters in to see her...big pre-surgical boost for Caroline!

Quietly making noise,