The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry


***UPDATE*** : From the Modesto Bee on 9/27/09

***UPDATE AGAIN*** : We will be live on KAMB radio 7-8AM on Tuesday 9/29/09 Give a listen!

A few weeks ago, a friend on facebook recommended a new movie called, "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry." I linked to it and enjoyed the trailer and then looked to see if it was coming to "a theater near me." As it turns out...the movie was going to miss our town by 90 miles in each direction. I inquired on the movie website about bringing the movie to our town and was pleased to receive a personal telephone call from the Producer/Director a little while later.

By the end of the phone call, I was behind this Rich Christiano's vision for using a film like Sperry to bring the gospel to our movie watching culture. After confirming my plan with Kendra, it didn't take long before I had my best friend Eric and my favorite chiropractor Dr. John Beech on board for bringing this film to Modesto. Since then, we've been busy contacting churches, youth pastors, retirement homes, and everyone else we know to do two simple things: First, buy a ticket and support a solid God-honoring film that clearly and plainly presents the Gospel. Second, we are encouraging them to find someone that needs to hear the message and bring them along... Everyone needs to hear the Gospel...some for salvation and others as a reminder of the grace they have been given.

The three of us have really enjoyed promoting this film in our area. Longtime readers of theMT know how much I love watching movies and enjoy discussing their impact on culture. Director Rich Christiano says this of the Sperry movie, "Ninety-nine percent of the movies that come out in the theater have almost nothing to do with the Lord and Christian themes. I think this movie can encourage a lot of people during difficult times. They will laugh, be encouraged and touched."

Personally, I believe this is one of those times that we can actually have a positive impact on our culture and much like Fireproof, I am glad to use the medium of film. Christiano goes on to say, "The church normally just plays defense...Hollywood will do something we don’t like, and we complain about it. We need to go on the offense! Let’s put forth films that can be positive for our society like ‘The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry.’"

The Modesto Bee will be running an article on the film this week. We have planned a live interview on a popular Christian radio station in the central valley. Lastly, the three of us had the opportunity to talk about the film the other night on AVC's LighthouseLive! radio program. I've edited the program down to the portion where we talk about the movie. Give it a listen...then...go see the movie and take someone with you that could benefit from the message of the gospel!


Quietly Making Noise,