Courage To Flee

Several months ago, I received a book to review on theMangoTimes. Dr. Jeffrey Klick is the pastor of a family-integrated church called Hope Family Fellowship in Kansas City, KS. He is also (apparently) a reader of theMT...don't hold it against him!

klickHis book is called, "Courage to Flee, Living a Moral Life in an Immoral World" and deals with the topic of sexual temptation and lust from a Biblical perspective. Not to get off topic, but...for some reason, God continues to bring this topic to the forefront of discussion in my life. Whether it is open and frank discussions with my own teenage boys or more serious accountability with men whose marriages are on the brink of disaster, God continues to push me into talking with others about this topic. And, believe me, this is not the discussion that I prefer to have with other men (or young men). Like finances, parenting, or marriage relationships, this is not a topic that men readily discuss with one another.

So, I am thankful when I can find someone else engaged in this same discussion. Furthermore, I love to find good tools to keep and use with others. Klick's book is one of those tools. He is concise and to the point, completing nine chapters in just under eighty pages. It is the perfect size to hand out to men or use in a one-one/small-group discussion format. It is not too threatening and at the same time loaded with straight-forward Biblical advice. Throughout his book, Pastor Klick uses appropriate scriptural references to encourage and exhort the reader. Personally, I am glad to see that he was not afraid to tackle any topic in the discussion of sexual immorality. Along the way, he uses his experience from over 30 years of marriage. Klick also shares from both success and failure, equipping the reader to know that they are not alone in this discussion.

This review has been a long time coming. Actually, after receiving and reading my review copy, God immediately brought an individual into my life that could benefit from the content, so I quickly gave it away. Pastor Klick was kind enough to send a second copy to me, I doubt it will be in my possession too long.

I highly recommend this book and would recommend that you buy a case at a time. Give them away to others, buy a copy for your pastoral staff, give them to a youth's just that good!

Quietly Making Noise,