Homeschooling 2009 - Classic Questions Answered

As we prepare for the new school year to begin (well, maybe at theMangoTimes, school does not begin until we are well into September...), I thought it might be good to readdress old questions that I have answered over the years.

Lately, it seems like I've had a large number of folks asking again about our decision to homeschool. Nothing new...the same old questions. Old posts often get buried in the archives of theMT, so I thought I would highlight a few of them here:

What About Socialization? This is the king of all questions that homeschoolers are asked. I did my best to answer it here.

Aren't you sheltering your kids? - A close runner-up...and mostly from those within the church. I've found that most people are afraid to actually voice this question (but you know they are thinking it...).

Are you sending your kids to high school? - or the real question is..."When are you going to give them a real education?" Check out the post, but also look at my response to Freda in the comments section.

Bonus Post:
My Favorite Homeschool Business - pop on over to the Ding Family blog for a good laugh!

Quietly Making Noise,