The Back Porch, Bubbles Abound


We refuse to let summer drift away and The Back Porch was hopping this past Saturday night...the pool was a perfect temperature, the music was fun, the food was de-lish (see Kendra's blog for details), and the bubbles were huge! Bubbles? Did you say bubbles? below!

This next Saturday (Labor Day Weekend) is our FINAL summer party on The Back Porch! (until we meet again on Memorial Day 2010 :) ). Want to come join us as we roll up the hammocks, shut down the blenders and clean the grills one final time?

The plan this week is to have an over-the-top killer Ice Cream Sundae Bar! We promise to have more toppings than you have ever seen...and some of them will shock you! The porch will be open at 7PM for evening swimming, ice cream, and dancing. Drop me a note and let me know you are coming, so we don't run out of ice cream.

And now for some photos of this past weekend's activities...

Yes, this week we had a "Double Bubble" contest. It was our goal to find the guest who could blow the biggest bubble or pass out trying...

We had some good bubble competition!

We had our WINNERS!

...and we had some big LOSERS!

She was doing well until the finger showed up...

MangoBoy #3 Exploded!

After our DoubleBubble sugar high...we decided to burn off the energy! Up went the volume knob and everyone put on their b-b-b-b-boogie shoes and got started with a little dancing...

Answering the question, "How low can you go?" (Meanwhile the cute redhead in the back was trying to find out how low he could go in the soda bucket!)

"Let's Twist Again...just like MangoBoy #2!

The Hokey Pokey for all ages - That's What It's All About!

Quietly Making Noise,