On my iPod - Artists Beginning with "T"

I'm reporting live from Hughson Coffee Company and trying to put together a playlist for our backyard bash tonight. Seemed only fitting to log another entry in this category.

"Talking Heads" - As a child of the 80's (not my favorite decade for music and pop culture), it is pretty clear why I would have a little TH on my iPod. I never understood a word they said, but I knew when to shout "Burning Down the House." Definitely qualifies for the back porch...Trampoline music for sure!

"Tesla" - Another band created in the 80's, right out of the central valley. Not as popular as most bands, but they were right there during the rise of Bon Jovi and VH. They jumped on the unplugged bandwagon and made a great acoustic set too. Perfect for the pool crowd.

"Thelonius Monk" - If you don't own any TM, stop reading and go buy his "Best of..." album...it will only lead to many more! Make a pot of coffee and enjoy his riffs...perfect for the fire-pit late night portion of the back porch party.

"Toby Keith" - If I am going to listen to country music, it is going to be a bad boy like TK or Willy. "I Love This Bar" sounds like something you might here on our back porch.

ttwThe Traveling Wilburys - What a band and what a bummer that they were so brief! Harrison, Petty, Lynne, Orbison and Dylan made the late 80's radio worth listening to. "Every-bodys got some-body to leeaann on!" Purpose on the back porch: Fletch's blender music!

Quietly Making Noise,