Why are you here?

In one form or another, theMangoTimes has been around since 1995. Over the years it has been everything from a family notebook to a place where someone can read reviews to a discussion of cultural influences to a place on the internet where you can just stop and giggle.

Sure there has been controversy. Once or twice I've stepped on someone's new white sneakers, but I've also taken the time to remind readers that theMangoTimes is not for everyone. It is hard to write publically without causing someone to get all noodley.

At this point, theMangoTimes is simply a weblog. It is driven by Wordpress (thanks Sven, you rock...because you do...). I love Wordpress. It has this great back-end feature that tracks comments and blog stats and I love to find out why people come to theMT, who sent them, and what they look at when they are here.

I've always laughed about one aspect and that is what "Search Item" linked someone to theMT. In other words, what was the search term they used and why did theMangoTimes show up as a possible match. Below is a snapshot of the Top 20 Search Terms for theMT. Look at what led people here...


Really now. I had one post...a long time ago where I mentioned "The Far Side" and "Dentistry" together and that post has been my number one post in the history of theMangoTimes!

It is also good to know that I lead the way when it comes to "tapeworms" and "the digestion time of chewing gum." Great stuff here on theMangoTimes...and it's all free!

So, if I haven't said it enough..."I really do appreciate, the fact you're sittin' here..." and I don't know if you are a friend or a complete stranger...but I hope you are enjoying your visit to theMangoTimes!

Quietly Making Noise, Fletch