Back Porch Saturday Night

Hammock Time with Christian

In an effort to get to know people better in an environment that is relaxed and fun, we have opened our back porch and pool every Saturday night for anyone that wants to drop by. The plan is quite simple: All chores come to an end at 4PM on Saturday afternoon and the BBQs and music are turned on. We have simple food prepared along with fresh fruit, chips, and a variety of icy cold blender drinks. If people show up...great! If not, we still have a great time as a family enjoying the warm evening air and a fun dip in the pool.

These Are My People

This idea was born out of a desire to not let summer slip away this year. At the same time, we are trying to find new ways to fellowship as a family with people from the church, the community, and even our past. Since it's not about invitations, we rarely end up with the same guest list. It remains an open invitation to anyone that wants to show up and enjoy a fun night on the back porch. This includes best friends, good friends, new friends, blog friends, facebookers, or anyone that is looking for good food, beach music and a warm swim.

"Come and Get Jiggy With Us"

Our goal is to keep it very simple and very relaxed. If you want to bring food, great. If you want to come and just chill, we'll have enough extras to feed you! We try not to have a plan, so the mix of people can be varied from week to week. Relax in a hammock, listen to a little Bob Marley while you sit in one of the sky-chairs, jump on the trampoline with your kids, have a cannon-ball contest off the waterfall, or stay long enough to enjoy some fun dancing with both kids and adults!

Some lucky folks will enjoy Beer Butt Chicken

We like to have an idea on food, so if you are going to join us...we'd love an RSVP! If not, you are still welcome to show up, we will not let you leave hungry! The porch remains open until 11pm, so if you want to drop by late you may even qualify for dancing and dessert!

Learn the Cha-Cha Slide

Want to join us? We would love it! Our back porch is open on Saturday nights from Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekends. Some Saturdays we are traveling or out of town, so it is always good to drop an email, send a text message or check with us through facebook.

Quietly Making Noise,