Freedom, Fireworks and Friends

We celebrated the 4th of July festivities with a bunch of good friends on the back porch. We swam and ate good food (bbq'd oysters), played a few rounds of bocce ball, and gave the blender a few runs. My best friend Eric and I also took the time to blow off a few fireworks (and accidentally lit our trash canister on fire...considered by some to be the highlight of the evening). We even played patriotic music and sang along with the Armed Forces band.

As the night wore down, we popped on some dancing music and spent a good chunk of time getting our boogie shoes on the dance floor. We had some excellent chicken dancers, limbo stars and a bunch of folks that know how to put their "whole selves in and their whole selves out" as they try to figure out if the hokey-pokey is really what it's all about!

The highlight of the night was taking a group of the kids into the pool when it was very late...we all decided to hold our breath and go under water on Saturday night and then pop back up on Sunday morning as the clock struck midnight. It's ridiculous how easy it is to talk little kids into dumb ideas.

Here are some photos of the "safe and sane" sparkler extravaganza...

"Safe and Sane Sparklers"

"Big Brother sharing fire with Lola"

"Abby: 1/2 exotic dancer - 1/2 Ground Crew for United Airlines"

Quietly Making Noise,