On My iPod - Artists Beginning with "M"

monkeeI haven't followed up with this theme lately, but wanted to resurrect the topic again. Here is a small sample of my favorite music on my iPod.

"The Monkees" - I'm a child of the 1970's and the Monkees crossed over between music and television. I wanted to ride the Last Train to Clarkesville. I wanted to be a Believer. I "was just tryin' to be friendly"...

"Michael Feinstein" - We own several of his albums, but my favorite is his collection of classic kids songs like "Lydia the Tattoo Lady" and "Ferdinand the Bull."

"Miles Davis" - Every collection needs a bit of Miles. Right now, I'm listening to "So What" but anything on my playlist by him is great stuff!

"Men Without Hats" - There was really only one song...and every teenager from the eighties knew how to sing The Safety Dance. "S...S...S...S... A...A...A...A... F...F...F...F...etc..." (You are singing it right now aren't you?).

"Musical Youth" - Again not to camp on the eighties, but every time this song is played my kids want to know what it means to "Pass the Dutchie." Growing up it was just a cool song, it's only now that I found out it was about smoking.

"Matt Costa" - This is a gimme...with his clean vocals and great acoustic guitar, he's a family favorite on the back porch. Hop in one of the hammocks, pop on his song "Sunshine" and I'm down for the count.

Quietly Making Noise,