Jon Troast Concert


Jon Troast Live, Hughson, CA

Friends and family of theMangoTimes kicked off our summer last night with an evening concert in our backyard! Jon Troast entertained us with over an hour of requests, fun stories, and great crowd interaction. We did our best to provide a crowd of 75 for his Central Valley stop. We registered as #57 on his

100 Concerts in 100 Days

tour. Aside from a few goats, helicopter transport planes, and hungry mosquitos, it was a fantastic concert. From

"Lake Geneva"


"The BreakUp Song"



he played all the crowd well as my current fav -

"One Little Corner."


Did you say pie? Yes, we had pie...a lot of pie. We also gave the new trampoline a workout with all the kids as we welcomed our favorite season of the year. Throughout the summer we are promise to get our work done early on Saturday afternoons and open the back porch for lazy food and pool nights. If you are in the area, please feel free to join us as we wind down our week with blended drinks, barbeques and cool tunes...all summer long!

If you haven't heard of Jon Troast, I highly recommend giving a listen to

a few of his songs


Quietly Making Noise,