Concert and Pie!

That's music and great pie! Oh yeah...did I forget to mention that you could enjoy both at a free concert in our living room?

Here's the deal:
Last year, Kendra's big brother Jeff introduced me to the music of Jon Troast and I immediately fell in love with his great lyrics and super laid-back style of playing guitar. As it turns out, he's travelling the country on a "Living Room Tour" and currently trying to cover 100 concerts in 100 days. It's a pretty cool gig...Jon shows up and plays an acoustic set in your living room for you and your friends, family, relations, pets, etc...

Here's a link to a great interview.

So, I contacted him and after planning his California route...guess what? Our living room made his tour. So, if you or your family want to be a part of his central California concert, you are welcome to attend!

Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
Time: Concert starts at 7:30PM, followed by pie and refreshments!
Location: Our living room!
Who: You (because you are family, a friend, or lover of great tunes!)
Cost: kidding...just show up. Jon will have a tip jar and he'll have a table setup for CDs and T-Shirts (but there is no obligation).
Why: Are you kidding me? This has theMangoTimes written all over it... Who would turn down a free concert and pie?
RSVP: Yes...we need to know if you are planning on attending.

What is his style? Will I like him? Here is what The Music Review said: "With the combination of crafty lyrics and exceptional musical accompaniment, Jon Troast has the potential of becoming the next greatest discovery in the music world. Jon’s musical influences appear to span a wide range including folk, rock, country, pop, alternative and Christian. He is easily comparable to James Taylor and John Mayer and yet, stands on his own two feet effortlessly."

There is no hidden agenda, we just want you to chill on a Wednesday night, enjoy good pie, and kick off your summer season with some great tunes!

Quietly Making Noise,