40 Days of Water, The Final Tally

In this earlier post, we talked about the water challenge we found on the Blood:Water website.

For the past 40 days, from March 1st through April 9th, our family kept a tally of all the money we would have spent on coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, beer, or whatever, so we could donate it to Blood:Water Mission and provide fresh drinking water to people in Africa.

The idea behind this plan is that $1 is enough money to provide an African with enough water for an entire year. Can you believe it? Let me say it again: ONE DOLLAR IS ENOUGH TO PROVIDE FRESH WATER FOR ONE AFRICAN FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! As I type this, I'm looking at my change jar sitting above my desk, there's enough change just in the bowl to provide water for at least fifty Africans.

So the question is, how much money does a family of ten spend in 40 days on "other drinks?" Well, considering the bottom five kids in our family have no "spending cash." That leaves only five of us that have the ability to randomly spend money on drinks.

Drum roll please...for the past 40 days we would have spent the grand total of:


I am proud to report that 205 Africans will soon have access to cleaner drinking water...

Quietly Making Noise,