Reporting Live : Monterey, CA

One of the cool gigs here in the world of dentistry is the "travel for continuing education." Somewhere in the history of my profession, someone got smart and said, "Hey! If we have to keep taking classes throughout our career, we might as well go to someplace beautiful and fun!" Annually, our local study-club travels for a weekend (uh...more like 4 hours...) of continuing education on some topic of dentistry.

This year, we are back on the sunny coast of California for a weekend of events. I'm heading out in a few moments for a few hours of class time and then off for lunch at Phil's Fish Market and tide-pooling with Kenj and three of the mangokids (Thanks Yvette...for staying with three pox-laden mangokids!). Did I mention it's 70°F outside with sunshine from one end of the bay to the other? :-P

Each year our dental study-club tries to have a unique dinner together, so tonight we will enjoy private dining alongside the kelp forest tanks in The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Again...not a bad gig for an "educational" weekend (wink wink).

I'm off...maybe some photos of the day added later...

Quietly Making Noise,