Do Hard Things - 2009

Last year, my son and his friend decided to lead a "Do Hard Things" book study for the young men at our church. Their desire was to challenge the young men in our church to join The Rebelution and begin doing hard things (or things that the typical teenage boy wouldn't do...).

I was glad to see 20 or so boys gather weekly and then watch some of the public and "not-so" public efforts they developed as they began to minister outside of their comfortable (read: "sheltered") home-schooled lives. I look forward to seeing what other things develop this year with these young men! (Good job Nathan and Hayden!).

Our family has decided that 2009 will be our year to "do hard things." We've developed some interesting ways that this will take place...first and foremost was my withdrawal from the eldership and active ministry of our church. It was a tough decision and a hard thing to do, but we've already seen what a great decision this was for the health of our family! We're hoping for the opportunity to minister as a family and stretch ourselves in new ways.

Along the way, I've decided to change gears at theMangoTimes and return to chronicling the events of our family (with commentary, witty banter, and sarcastic quips of course). As a family, we want to remember what we did throughout the years and our reaction to the are welcome to take a peak at how it all plays out and enjoy the ride with us!

Quietly Making Noise,