Chips, Salsa, and Cold Beer in Cabo

The Sapphire Princess, Cabo San Lucas

Earlier this month, we took a cruise to Mexico. It's part of our annual plan to escape the cold foggy days of California's Central Valley (did you know about the fog here?). So, I'll spare you the play-by-play details of our cruise...and rattle off the facts: It was a week long cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas with Princess Cruises. Yes, it's the Love Boat.

"love...exciting and new...come aboard...we're expecting you"

No...Isaac did not make our drinks, we didn't get to sit at the Captain's table, and we didn't get into a lover's spat and make-up on the last day of the cruise with the help of Doc, Julie and Gopher...but we did have a great time with the two oldest MangoBoys! Great memories, new friends (and we even bumped into old neighbors...Ha!).

If you want to see pictures of parasailing, umbrella drinks and piratey behavior, please check out the Mexico 09 Photos on SmugMug...

In the meantime, let me tell you about my little Mexican pooch in the previous post. While negotiating for some ocean activities, my "Cabo San Lucas Activities Coordinator" handed me his pet chihuahua (named "Panchita") while he secured our spots on a few boats. As I waited for him to return, I took the time to hustle up some business with the turistas exiting the cruise ship...

"Yo Quiero Taco Bell!" - 5 Pesos per picture

Turns out that Americans are pretty dumb... In my best broken-Spanish accent, I told everyone leaving the cruise ship that for a few pesos, they could take a picture with my cute Mexican dog... It's funny how many people were willing to pay to take a photo with me and Panchita.

Needless to say, as our two boys jet-skiied around Cabo, we laughed all the way to the patio bar and spent our profits on cold Mexican beer, chips and salsa!

The Weather Is Here, We Wish You Were Beautiful

The moral of this story...well, there is no's not a crime to charge people for taking pictures. If you are dumb enough to take a picture of me and Panchita home in your vacation photos...I can't help you...

Quietly Making Noise,