Charlie Brown, The Gospel and Malaria Intervention


Last night, we wrapped up our 2009 Advent in the Barn party. We welcomed just over 100 guests on a very rainy night to our chilly barn. Our party welcomed guests from all areas of our life. We had old friends and new friends gathered from work, church, family, facebook, high school, college, and even my favorite barista at our local coffee shop! For those that joined us, we hope you enjoyed our time in the barn while the rain and lightning continued outside.
This year we learned all about the real meaning of Christmas from the Peanuts gang while watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" together on the big screen. We were reminded of the good news of the advent by a short message from our special guest, Pastor Tim Stevenson of Horizon Bible Church. (On a side note, Pastor Tim is the guy that married us back in 1991 and it was nice to have him back after all these years!).
Every year we are also very intentional to encourage our guests to spend less on the "junk" of Christmas and invest in true needs around the world. My best friend Eric and his wife are advocates for Compassion International, so this year we targeted Compassion's Malaria Intervention program called BiteBack ( We showed a quick video and then reminded our guests that for $10 they could purchase a mosquito net. The details are in this quick video I created below:

If you couldn't make it, we missed you! If you were there, we hope you enjoyed yourself with us!

Quietly making noise (and repeating the sounding joy!),