Vacation Plannerer

I don’t know if my dad has ever said this on here, but he does great vacations. That is, whenever our family goes on a vacation that he plans, it’s a great one. Not as if he’s the only one planning (hats off to my dear old mother too; she bought us PopTarts, which is like sacrilegious when it comes to her), but my dad does do a lot.

And he didn’t even post about it. *Sigh*…must all the fun posts be left for me to do? Okay, if you say so…

So I said my dad’s a great vacationplannerer. Why so, you may ask? What makes him better than any of you? Well, this for one:

v1The Impossible - Squeezing a week of stuff into our van!

Dude, if you can come to me and honestly say that you could cram all that stuff into the back of that one car, then you at least have a shot at being a semi-good vacationplannerer.

Also, you have to be willing to take your fellow vacationers to good places…restaurants in particular. See below:

v2Phil's Fish Market, Moss Landing, CA

Going to Phil's is a tradition for our family (we go here every time we’re within 100 miles of Monterey…not kidding), this place is good. Really good. Insanely awesomely good. Beyond all the other “good” seafood restaurants on the planet. Phil’s is so insanely awesomely good that it was even on the Food Network show “Throwdown with Bobby Flay.” Our favorites from Phil’s menu? Cioppino and clam chowder in a bread bowl (hollow out the center of a roll, fill it with some killer clam chowder, and you get three words: TO DIE FOR). So yeah, another step in being as great of a vacationplannerer is to take people to insanely awesomely good restaurants that have been on Food Network.

Now, I could write a paragraph about every single picture I’m going to post, but that would be both hard for me to write and boring for you to read. So instead I will post the pictures with an about-a-sentence-long explanation of what’s going on in each photo…for your sanity and mine.

v3Preparing for a future runway?


v4Getting some striped air!


v5I love my Dad this much!

Tim Hawkins once said something about these things…something along the lines of whiplashing your head from off of your shoulders. Of course, when you do it this way, you're too busy worrying about the fact that your teeth are buried in the other guy's neck to think much about whiplash.

v6Planning their next visit to Dr. Beech


v7The Band Photo - rejected!


v8Picture framed 30 feet above the creek!

Dad catching Christian with his cute smile and his golden surfer locks.

v9Christian Andrew, Age 2


v10The Girlies - cute as can be!


v11Yup, this is her Dad's child!


v12Here I am exploring different camera angles.

So this lady is sleeping on this rock. Up comes this seal who sits on the rock right underneath her rock. People gather. She starts wondering what's going on until she looks down. From her response (which was nothing), I'm guessing that she's pretty comfortable with a wild animal sitting directly below her…so comfortable, in fact, that she reaches down to pet it. Seriously, lady? Are you that dumb? Anyway, she pet it, and (wouldn't you know?), the seal bit her foot. Just goes to show you how smart the average person is: "Hmm…refrain from petting the cute animal, or get bitten? Well, I guess the logical thing to do is get bitten…"

v13Getting very close to nature.

On a final, closing note, I leave you with this picture:

v14"Peace, brudda!"

Quietly making noise,