Last Day of Summer Vacation '08

You know what that means...FACE PAINTING!

This is the final day of Summer Vacation for our family...our annual vacation has come to a close...and the official school year begins tomorrow. The MangoKids are very sad to see the lazy days of sleeping-in and hammock swinging come to a close. So what better way to remember our last day of summer than with a day of fun face paints? (Well...actually...I can think of several great ways to remember summer, but I just went with what my kids would love the most!).

"Chewin' on a stick o' dynamite!"

"Jiffy Pop Jack"

"Add butter and serve!"

She asked me to paint a butterfly...

...and I thought I'd show the process!

"Have a Coke and a Smile"



Goodbye Summer!

Quietly Making Noise,