Life in the PICU

I just left the hospital for the evening and spoke with Mighty Joe's two primary PICU doctors. They are both very happy with his progress and have assured us that Joe is quickly on the upswing. And what goes better with good news than photos from our day in the PICU. Hope they give you a glimpse into Mighty Joe's day...

"Sleeping sweetly this morning"

"My best friend Eric came down to visit this morning"

Every super hero needs a cape! (Thanks Auntie Lisa!)

This is definitely something you don't see everyday (That's me with Nurse Melissa and Uncle Sam).

Several of you have asked about the accomodations. What can I say? The motorhome is killer and it's right next to the hospital.

It hardly qualifies for a motorhome

And this is how close we are to the hospital! Cool huh?

I think we mentioned that Joe had a room change today. It wasn't the room change we wanted, but we are hoping that he gets to move downstairs today. Anyhow, here are Joe's new digs (had we known there were rooms this big, we would have asked last week...).

It is like a suite, just without the mini bar.

Quietly Making Noise,

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